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The Leather Sofa in Kuwait has a special place among the various types of leather furniture, and this is what made it popular in the country. But just like anything in our lives, it can be damaged as a result of misuse or unintentional error. In the case of the leather sofa, we find that the most important problems it faces are deep scratches. So people in Kuwait have come up with great ways to repair these scratches. These are the ways that we will list over the next few lines in order for you to benefit from them in treating the scratches of your leather sofa. To always be like new that has not been worn out in use over time.

Cleaning scratches with rubbing alcohol in any leather sofa in Kuwait

Deep scratches in the leather of the furniture can be wet and dirty, so before you start repairing the area, be sure to clean it first. Get a clean washcloth, dip it in rubbing alcohol, and lightly buff the scratched area. The alcohol dries quickly. Leave the area for 10 minutes and it should become dry. This method works effectively with synthetic leather. And if you have a deep cut in your aniline leather, it may be beyond repair.

Sand or cut loose tissue around the cutting edge

Unlike a minor scratch, if your furniture leather is deeply scratched, the leather may be uneven and wet around the edge of the scratch. Take scissors and snip off any loose threads so that the area around the cut is smooth. Instead, take a piece of medium-grit sandpaper (about 1,200 grit) and sand the area around the cut until smooth. It is an effective way to repair deep scratches in leather sofa in Kuwait.

Putting leather paint on the scratched area of the leather sofa in Kuwait

It will seal and protect the thicker, pigmented filling and prevent the area from getting scratched again. Pour a small amount of the paint onto a clean sponge or cloth and then gently rub it over the scratched area of the furniture. Apply three or four layers for a consistent look. You will need to purchase leather polish from a leather goods store or furniture store that specializes in leather, such as a leather strainer. You may be able to purchase thicker, colored fillers and paint all in a leather repair kit.