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Caring for the leather sofa in Saudi Arabia in terms of how to use and care for it has a unique style than the attention that this sofa receives in any other Arab country. So we decided to write this article specifically about it. This will make it easy for you to imitate this care in order to preserve your leather sofa for as long as possible.

How is the leather sofa cleaned in Saudi Arabia?

Saudis buy special leather polishes to preserve the leather of the sofa. They also completely avoid washing them with soap and water because these materials cause the skin to peel and damage the sofa. This is in addition to their constant interest in removing dust and dirt by always wiping it with a dry cloth. Especially since the climate of Saudi Arabia is dry and has a lot of dust.

How are leather sofas maintained in Saudi Arabia?

This is done through several things: The first is to protect it from any fire stings, especially those of cigarettes. It is also forbidden to put cups of water or any liquids on them so that the skin does not peel off as a result, and the leather sofa is placed completely out of direct sunlight. With quick maintenance if it has any kind of damage.

How are leather sofas used in Saudi Arabia?

The leather sofa in Saudi Arabia can be seated in any position. Provided that this situation does not cause scratching, water on its surface, or unwanted marks. This is what the Saudis are well aware of, so they are keen to avoid it during use. Either way, whatever position you are in on the leather sofa will be very comfortable for you. Thanks to its good manufacture, which is based on high-quality fillers and at the same time, a smooth, cool surface that does not irritate the skin on contact.