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The Leather Sofa in United Arab Emirates or in any other country is often exposed to deep scratches due to the fact that it is the subject of many people’s sessions, which may lead to the skin being torn as a result of the wrong sessions and the incorrect use of the leather sofa. Therefore, we decided to present in this article the methods that people in the United Arab Emirates use to repair deep scratches in their leather sofas. This will help you repair deep scratches on your leather sofa if they occur.

Setting the tone that matches the leather color of the leather sofa in United Arab Emirates

After you cover the scratch pad with thicker filler, you will need to color the material to match the rest of the furniture. Apply the colorant to a sponge and lay it flat on the area covered with the thick filler. Apply as many coats of paint as necessary to match the color of the furniture, but remember to let each coat dry completely before adding another coat. Finally, to be able to purchase a leather colorist, you will need to visit a leather goods store or a furniture store that specializes in leather for it and keep this in mind.

Apply a thick layer of leather filler to the scratched area

The acronym for leather sofa repairers in United Arab Emirates is filler, this material has the consistency of dough and will fill in the gaps and cracks in the scratched section of the furniture. Cover the scratch with thick padding using your finger or a small flat spatula until the scratched surface is level with the rest of the surface of the furniture. After adding the thicker filler, let it dry for 30 minutes. After you have applied the filler, use another 1,200 grit sandpaper and smooth the surface of the filler. Thicker leather filler material should be available at your hardware store or leather goods store. Additionally, the furniture manufacturer may have a filler available or may send you one for free.