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When we look at leather furniture in Saudi Arabia, a very important question arises in our mind, which is what type of leather is used in this furniture? There is also another question that accompanies it, which is does the type of leather used in the industry withstand the use over time? In this article, we will get to know the answer to these questions together with more information on the matter. This is so that you can easily choose the leather furniture that is suitable for you and your various requirements.

Leather furniture in Saudi Arabia made of natural leather

There is furniture made of tiger skin and cowhide, which are characterized by a charming combination of beauty and creativity in design. When choosing leather furniture, it is preferable to be made of natural leather, as it is distinguished by a great ability to resist stains, in addition to the soft texture and high quality and softness accompanied by some wrinkled lines.

And if we look at the most commonly used natural leather materials in the leather furniture industry in Saudi Arabia, we will find that this leather is cowhide, and it branches into the leather that keeps the pile and the thick leather that is made of three layers: the first, which has clear pores and has high quality, and the middle is the cheapest as a price, while the third is for making shoes and bags.

Leather furniture made of synthetic materials

It is leather furniture in Saudi Arabia that was made of manufactured leather materials. It is made of “PU” material, which is similar to “resin”, so that we cannot distinguish between it and natural ones, and one of its advantages is that it lasts for a long time, and it does not require great care.