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This question, which is the title of our article, is not a trivial or worthless question. Rather, on its basis, the decor of the place you own or rent will be determined. This may make people like or dislike the place. The leather chair in Lebanon in general has many uses, whether in homes or workplaces. Therefore, we decided here to offer some tips for the location that should be in it so that you take advantage of the spaces of the place and highlight its beauty as much as possible, which will certainly bring you various benefits.

The Leather Chair in Lebanon does not stick to a wall

The high humidity that characterizes Lebanon makes it better not to stick the leather chair to the wall so as not to damage the materials that are affected by the humidity a lot. It also gets ventilation from all directions. In addition, the decorative shape of the leather chair will be better, and it is not attached to the wall, but only close to it.

The Leather Chair is at an appropriate distance from any other Leather Chair

This is also due to the high humidity in Lebanon, as we have already mentioned. In addition, the leather chair in Lebanon is characterized by precision workmanship and exquisite design. And it sticks to the rest of the leather chairs does not show its beauty. As for the distance that should be between each leather chair and another, it is determined by the size of the chairs themselves. It is preferable that the distance between large leather chairs is relatively larger than that between small leather chairs.

Do not put the Leather Chair near the bathroom

This means that it will quickly deteriorate due to its proximity to the water source. Water causes peeling of the skin. It is also preferable not to put the leather chair in areas exposed to the sun quickly.