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Getting to know the types of leather from which Leather Chairs in Qatar is made is very important, whether at the level of purchase, use or repair of this type of chair. By knowing the type of leather used, you will also know how to take care of such types of chairs in terms of cleaning and so on, and then undoubtedly extend their life span. Accordingly, we decided to write this article for you specifically in order to show you the most important types of leather that are used in the manufacture of chairs in the State of Qatar, in order to help you benefit from that information in what we have mentioned above.

How to identify the quality of the leather from which the leather chair in Qatar is made?

You can do this in Qatar by carefully examining the leather chair. It is important to know the quality of the leather material as the different repair methods for different types of leather differ.

Types of leather used in making leather chairs:

Synthetic (dyed) Leather: Most types of leather chair in Qatar are made of synthetic leather and have a durable surface that is scratch-resistant and does not absorb liquids.

Aniline Leather: It is made of high quality leather and therefore the leather chair in Qatar made of aniline is rare. Aniline leather does not have a surface coating so the texture of the leather can be seen through. The companies also produce semi-aniline leather, which is also made of high-quality leather but is covered with a thin layer of paint.

Bicast Leather: It is a product that is technically different from leather in the first place, but also the chair, which is made of Bicast, is still considered among the types of leather furniture. Bicast Leather is made of lower quality leather that is divided into thin layers and then coated with a top layer of polyurethane.